Mini Donut Machine Rental


Make super fast gourmet state fair donuts with our Mini Donut Machine Rental. Make donuts to order in less than a minute! They come out piping hot and ready to eat! No deep frying at all to make these donuts. Just sprinkle them with a bit of cinnamon and sugar, or any other sweet topping you would like, and they are ready to eat!

The Mini Donut Machine Rental turns donut making into a quick and easy thing. Just toss the donuts onto the moving grill and wait. They pop out the other side, cooked to perfection! Also, set up a line of dessert condiments to add to the donuts, like powdered sugar or fruit, and let everyone customize their donuts. Or dip them in chocolate or have them with a side of ice cream.

Everything you need to make donuts for all your guests is supplied, including the donuts themselves and small confectionery bags.

Over 21 Party Rentals has a variety of food machines available to rent for your upcoming event – including a hot dog machine, nacho cheese machine, sno-cone machine, and more!

We deliver the Mini Donut Machine Rental to anywhere in Monterey County, the greater San Jose area, the San Francisco Bay Area, and Northern California. So give us a call today to book for your next party or event.


Power Requirements: One standard power outlet

Prices: $250.00 for the Mini Donut Machine Rental and 144 mini donuts. Additional donuts can be ordered $35.00 for a box  of 72