Sno-Cone Machine Rental


We have a great addition to any party or event when it’s nice and warm out! Our Sno-Cone Machine Rental is the answer when you want to cool down a bit or just have a delicious frozen treat! Super quick and easy to make, sno-cones are a great way to cool off.

Our sno-cone machine crushes the ice for you! The crushed ice it leaves is perfectly light and just the right size to easily eat. All you need to do at this point is scoop the ice out into one of the cones provided. Then all you need to do is add some flavoring syrup to their sno-cone. It doesn’t take too much syrup to flavor your sno-cone! There are tons of syrup flavors to choose from as well. Get your favorite or pick a few different flavors so everyone finds something they like. We do provide you with the cones, scoop, and the syrup if you need it. However, we do not provide ice for the Sno-Cone Machine Rental.

We deliver the Sno-Cone Machine Rental to anywhere in Monterey County, the greater San Jose area, the San Francisco Bay Area, and Northern California. So give us a call today to book one of our sno-cone machines for your next party or event.


Power Requirements: One standard power outlet

$69 for a four hour rental. Comes with 60 cones and the scoop

Additional Supplies:
One quart of sno-cone juice – $7
Pour spout for 1 quart bottles – $1
One gallon of sno-cone juice – $12.50
Pumps for 1 gallon bottles – $4
60 extra cones – $5

Please note that we do not supply ice for our rentals