Lighted Connect Four Game


Brighten your event with our giant Lighted LED Connect Four Game. The many LED lights make the game light up in multiple colors. While the game is giant in size (4 feet tall to be exact), it still has the same rules as classic Connect Four. Fun for all ages!

The LED Connect Four Game comes with 42 round pucks with designated colors. Each player has a different color of puck and takes turns dropping their colored puck into the game. The game has 7 different columns with 6 different rows that the puck can land in. The first person to connect 4 of the same colored pucks in a row wins that round. You may connect the pucks vertically, horizontally or diagonally.

Click here to see the Connect 4 game lit.

Many old school games have become quite popular as giant yard games.  Our Lighted LED Connect Four Game is frequently rented with our Giant Jenga  and our Larger Kerplunk Game

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Item is 4ft tall!

1 electrical outlet is needed.