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    It takes a steady hand to get the tower that high!

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  • Giant Jenga Game Rental


We took the classic game of Jenga and supersized it. Our Giant Jenga Game Rental is a giant! The perfect addition to any party or event, our Giant Jenga Game Rental is sure to be a hit! Keep a steady hand and don’t let the tower fall!

One of the quickest games to learn, Giant Jenga is great for everyone. Simply pull any one block from the tower, except for one in the top three rows, and place the block on top. If the tower doesn’t fall, play continues to the next player. The last person to touch the tower before it falls is the loser. Once the tower falls, just rebuild it and start again. The Giant Jenga Game Rental can accommodate any number of players, making it great for large parties and events.

Have a few games of Giant Jenga going at once! With more than one set, you can lots of groups of friends playing the game, all at once!

We deliver the Giant Jenga Game Rental to anywhere in Monterey Bay, the greater San Jose area, the San Francisco Bay Area, and Northern California. So give us a call today to book the Giant Jenga Game Rental for your next party or event.


Space Requirements: Any flat surface. Works best if the surface is hard, such as a table or asphalt

Price: $49