Glowing LED Shuffleboard Rental


Play your next round of shuffleboard on our Glowing LED Shuffleboard Rental. Our table has the same rules as the original game but stands out with its glowing feature. Shuffleboard is a great table game to have at events because it has a very level playing field. If you have never played the game before its very easy to learn. With a light motion of pushing the weighted puck down the table in hopes that it will land in one of the scoring zones. There is specific sand that is placed on the surface of the table that assists the pucks glide. If you push your puck with the right amount of force you will score, but push to hard, your puck will fall off the table.

A typical game of shuffleboard is played to 15 points.  Our Glowing LED Shuffleboard Rental has score marks on each side which are 1 point 2 points and 3 points. The players play on the same end of the table. Player 1 will push there weighted puck to the opposite side of the table in hopes that it will land on one of those 3 options of points.  Once player 1 has made there move player 2 now has the option to try to score their own points, or they can try and knock player 1’s puck off the table removing their score. The game shifts back and fourth until both players has used their pucks. Once all 8 pucks have been used the players go to the opposite side of the table to count points. The game is then continued back and fourth until 15 points have been scored.

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Space Requirements: The  Glowing LED Shuffleboard Rental needs an area of 10ft long by 3ft wide in order to be played and Check requires 1 electrical outlet or can be ran by battery provided by our company