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  • LED Lighted Corn Hole Game Rental

  • LED Corn Hole Game

    We can custom print onto our LED Corn Hole!


Here’s one tailgate game that is guaranteed to light up your party. Our LED Lighted Corn Hole Game spices up the classic game of corn hole with bright and colorful LED lights built into each board. Set them up with your favorite colors, have them flash a beat, or fade from one color into the next. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination!

Rent a set of our LED Lighted Corn Hole Game to add some bright colors and fun to your party! Or rent multiple sets of our LED Lighted Corn Hole Game and have a colorful tournament. None of your guests will soon forget that game!

Our LED Lighted Corn Hole Game is easy to set up inside or outside. Play in the light for the classic experience or have a neon-colored experience when the lights go out. The LEDs built into the boards¬†are very bright and of high quality, so they produce a very cool neon-colored experience. So don’t forget to take some really cool neon lit pictures!

Corn hole is a great one on one game. Each person takes turns tossing a bean bag to the other board and trying to make it into the hole. Team games of two on two are also fun, with team members standing across from each other. Points can be awarded based on your own house rules, where landing on the board is one and in the hole is three for some or just one point for landing in the hole. First team to twenty-one points is the winner.

We deliver our LED Lighted Corn Hole Game to Monterey Bay, the greater San Jose area, and the San Francisco Bay Area. So give us a call today to reserve the LED Lighted Corn Hole Game for your next glow party!


Space Requirements: 20 feet long and 8 feet wide

Price: $149.00 for a 4 hour rental