XXL LED Lighted Foosball Table


Grab your friends and get ready to have some fun! We are bumping the game of foosball up a few notches here. Our XXL Giant LED Foosball Table is the ultimate foosball experience.

The first thing that you will notice about our XXL Giant LED Foosball Table is the size at twelve feet long. With its size, between eight and sixteen players can play at once. This makes it an excellent addition for large parties and events so more people can play together at one time.

This foosball table has also been outfitted with multiple levels of lighting to really make the game stand out. A string of LED lights has been attached around the perimeter of the playing field. A top bar that stretches across the board also has a row of LED lights. Finally, a laser light show projector can be attached to the end of the top bar and display the laser light show onto the field. Each string of LEDs can be set up with any number of colors or display features, such as flashing or melting colors. You can even set up the laser light projector to react to music, further enhancing the party experience!

Even if you have never played before, our XXL Giant LED Foosball Table is a great game to try. A super quick game to learn, all you need is a few people to play with. Each team uses the handles to maneuver the players in order to kick the ball into the opponents goal. First team to ten wins!

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Space Requirements: 12ft by 5ft

Power Requirements: One standard power outlet required

Price: Please call our office for a quote for this item