Jump on and go for a ride with one of our many mechanical rides! We have so many mechanical rides to choose from, there will be something to fit your event's theme! These rides are always a hit at every party that we bring them to. Everyone just can't wait to get on and go for a ride. They are great for competitions too! See how long you can last before you fall or get knocked over!

Whether you want the classic bull or something a bit more exotic or weird like a mechanical shark or reindeer, we have something that fits! Lots of corporations across Northern California and the Bay Area have rented from us! Our mechanical rides are always a big hit at those corporate events and other parties. We are fully insured and have specially trained operators for each of our mechanical carnival rides. Take a look at our extensive selection of rides below and see what catches your eye. Or give us a call and one of our friendly staff will help you select some items that will get your party started!