Wrecking Ball Rental


Set up to the platform and get ready for one intense competitive game! Our Wrecking Ball Rental will put your balance and strength to the test! You and up to three other competitors will be challenged to knock each other off their platforms while staying on your own. This is one extreme game where each player will try and push the swinging wrecking ball toward another play and make them fall. Don’t miss your grab for the wrecking ball though! One wrong move and you could be the one to fall off. You can end the game when all but one person has fallen off, or keep going until everyone is tired!

The wrecking ball itself is made of a dense foam. This keeps it soft and prevents injury for all the players. As an added safety feature, every player is given a martial arts style helmet. This keeps the Wrecking Ball Rental safe and fun for everyone involved!

We deliver our Wrecking Ball Rental to anywhere in Monterey County, the greater San Jose area, the San Francisco Bay Area, and Northern California. So give us a call today to book the Wrecking Ball for your next party or event!


Space Requirements: 34 feet wide by 34 feet long by 20 feet tall

Power Requirements: One standard power outlet

Price: $449 for a four hour rental