Tug of War Battle


What party or event would be complete without a good old fashioned game of tug of war? Our Tug of War Battle rental comes with everything you would need to have a perfect tug of war game.

The ropes for our Tug of War Battle game are made of long wearing unmanila. That is a moisture resistant 1″ diameter rope with 12,000 pounds of resistance capability. Each rope also has two 5 food round loops, one on each end, for an anchorperson to stand in. Each rope for our Tug of War Battle game also has a flag installed directly in the middle. This make the tug of war game that much more official and easy to judge.

Up to ten people can fit on each side of the rope, allowing our tug of war rope to accommodate up to twenty people. With ten people on a side, it is sure to be a competition that everyone remembers.

We deliver our Tug of War Battle game to Monterey Bay, the greater San Jose area, and the San Francisco Bay Area. So give us a call now to reserve your Tug of War Battle game for your next party or event!


Space Requirements: 90 feet by 8 feet

Price: $49.00 for a 4 hour rental