Shuffleboard Table Rental


A 10 foot shuffleboard table rental is a great game for your guests to gather around and play! These shuffleboard tables are beautiful wooden shuffleboard tables. Each rental includes 8 metal pucks and sand for the playing surface.

The game is very simple, you take turns competing against each other  to see who can slide their puck further without having them fall off the edges of the board. Players peices can legally be knocked off at the end or sides of the shuffleboard table scoring area to prevent your opponent  from scoring. The game is usually is  played to 15 or 21 points.

This can be played with 4 players by partnering up with a friend or coworker. Players would take turns on opposite sides of the table each with an opponent on your side.

We lightly sprinkle the table with special sand that helps to reduce the friction between the puck and the table. When you push the puck down the board, without it falling off the edge thats how you score points. It is more challenging than it first looks. Children can just as easily participate making this the perfect activity for any occasion.

Ask about our LED options for shuffleboard table rental! Shuffleboard table rentals are a great add on to any event or party.


Space Requirements: 10 feet long by 3 feet wide. (requires 1 electrical outlet if you would like it to glow.)

The table can be loaded in through any normal door, there just cannot be any narrow hallways with sharp turns between load-in location and it’s final destination.

Price: Please call 1-888-650-4386 or email our office for price and availability