Shotski LED Drinking Game Rental


Just in time for summer or winter fun, theme parties or ski season – we present our version of the Shotski LED Drinking Game Rental. Most people can figure out this simple but fun game by merely looking at the picture. But that will deprive you of the most interesting tale of the history of the Shotski. And you will definitely want to share this at your next event as you and your guests enjoy (attempt) this crazy apres-ski ritual. (That’s ‘after ski’ for those of us who aren’t multi-lingual.) Of course, the Shotski is great in any season or at any event! But let’s move on.

While it’s not entirely clear when or where the Shotski originated, some believe it’s only logical that when you combine the Alps’ hardest drinking nation with a shot glass and a single (preferably retired) ski, it’s simply a no-brainer.

The classic Shot-ski method is to place several shot glasses, equal distances apart, atop an old downhill ski. Then, all together, the team raises the ski, bringing the shot glasses to their lips.  The hope is that the delectable liquid within finds its way into their mouth and down their throat. (As opposed to spilling down their chin as the shot glass shatters on the ground, humiliating them in front of their friends.) Yes, it’s risky, but they say that skiing has always been about risk. Ever read the back of a lift ticket?!

This sounds like tons of fun to some people who don’t mind the above-mentioned humiliation, or worse – wasting of perfectly good schnapps or brandy. However, our Shotski Drinking Game has the shot glasses nestled into holes created for them on the ski/board. This enables you and your teammates to down the shot in a beautifully synchronized manner. Hopefully, the shot glasses won’t slide off and crash to the ground! Of course, as one successfully completes their shots over and over again, we cannot promise the scene will be beautiful or even synchronized…Thus, the entertainment value of the Shotski LED Drinking Game Rental!

All this fun and LED lit! Can it get any better?! The glowing shotski game has so many play options – teams, guys against girls, smoothest completion (totally synchronized, not a drop spilled), or timed action!

The Shotski LED Drinking Game Rental is crazy fun, unique and just about anybody can play. Any beverage can be used, but most choose to keep it classic. Party on! (But please drink responsibly)


Shotski LED Drinking game is an adult-targeted game.

Rechargeable LED lights arrive fully charged and ready to go. We also provide a charging cable.

Approximate size: 5 Ft.

You provide your beverage of choice and shot glasses (glass or plastic-regular shot glass size).

Indoor or Outdoor Use

This is a great add-on game for your event and pairs well with many of our adult-targeted rentals.

As with any product involving the consumption of alcoholic beverages, we urge you to drink responsibly and utilize a designated driver when applicable.