Misting Fan Rental


Beat the heat with our Misting Fan Rental! Our misting fans will keep your party cool and refreshed, inside or outside. Each misting fan blows a constant stream of air and mist. The misting fans can cool an area out to 20 or 30 feet away by 10 to 20 degrees! That’s a really nice bit of cooling right there! The head of each misting fan rotates back and forth about 120 degrees, which gives it a huge cooling area. The maximum cooling area for a single misting fan is about 1000 square feet!

All the cooling fans need is access to water. Once they get into their final location, simply fill up the internal reservoir. Once this is filled up, the misting fans will pump the water up into the head and slowly pumped over the fans. This reservoir will last for many hours to keep your event cooled the entire day. If the reservoir starts getting low, it’s also easy to open the filling hole and add some more water to the misting fan.

The Misting Fan Rental works best when it is protected from the wind. Strong winds will keep the mist from reaching it’s furthest and limit the area that the misting fan can cool. A building, wall, or even trees and shrubs are great wind blocks to make sure the misting fans operate at peak ability.

We deliver our Misting Fan Rental to anywhere in Monterey County, the greater San Jose area, the San Francisco Bay Area, and Northern California. So please give us a call to book one or more misting fans as part of our Misting Fan Rental.


Space Requirements: 3 feet wide by 3 feet long and 7 feet tall

Power Requirements: One standard power outlet

Price: Please call our office for price and availability (they book up fast in the summer months)

Please note that each misting fan must be placed within reach of water. Once filled, they cannot be moved.