Mega Pop A Can Carnival Game Rental


Consider our Mega Pop A Can Carnival Game Rental for your next party or event! The Mega Pop A Can Game is perfect for a carnival themed event or party. It’s a classic, high energy game in which there can be a friendly or a more competitive type edge. Everyone will enjoy watching as two players try to knock their cans or bottles off of the elevated platform.

Our Mega Pop A Can Carnival Game Rental is a large deluxe game that needs to sit on table, at least 6′ long. The game itself tests one’s accuracy in throwing the bean bags to successfully knock over, or ‘pop’ the cans. The winner gets bragging rights unless you choose to provide prizes, points or other types of awards. Regardless, both spectators and participants find this to be a fun game. It’s quick enough to hold their interest and challenging enough to make them want to play.

In addition to the Mega Pop A Can Carnival Game, we have a large selection of rentals you and your guests might enjoy at your next event. Check out our website and if you need assistance, please give us a call!

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Product Description:

Ages: suitable for ages 5 to adult

Price: $179.00 for a 4 hour rental

Comes with 6 bean bags but can be customized to fit your event needs.

No Electrical Outlet Needed

1  6 ft. table needed

Space required: 6 ft. length x 4 ft. width x 6 ft. height