Mechanical Reindeer Ride


Ho Ho Ho! The holidays are here! That means the Mechanical Reindeer Ride is here and ready to be ridden. Plan on your guests enjoying this magical holiday twist to an all time classic attraction.

The Mechanical Reindeer Ride is a great addition to any holiday party and is always popular with crowds. Everyone that hops on has a great time! We can set the speed of the reindeer for each rider, slower for beginners or a bit faster for more experienced riders.

Our reindeer also comes with a controller with an built-in LED timer. This lets the rider and everyone watching see how long the rider has been on. Because of the LED timer, the Mechanical Reindeer Ride is a perfect ride for competitions! See who can ride the reindeer the longest before they fall off! And when they do fall off, the inflatable arena will be there to catch you.

The Mechanical Reindeer Ride is a great opportunity to snap some holiday pictures or videos as well! Record a video of someone breaking the high score to share! The best pictures are right as they are falling off the reindeer though.

We can add so much fun and interaction with our reindeer ride with portable music speakers and artificial snow. Play some holiday music and ride around in the fresh powder for an awesome holiday experience!

We deliver our Mechanical Reindeer Ride to anywhere in the Monterey Bay area, the greater San Jose area, the San Francisco Bay Area, and Northern California. So give us a call today to book the Mechanical Reindeer Ride for some holiday fun!

Please note: We are closed December 24-25 so that our staff can celebrate and enjoy the holidays with their families.


Space Requirements: 20ft x 20ft with a 10ft minimum height

Power Requirements: Two standard power outlets, separate circuits if possible

Price: Please give us a call for rates and availability