Margarita Machine Rental


Perfect for any party or event, our Margarita Machine Rental adds a delicious and slushy combination! Whether you are having a dry party or not, these margarita machine will be a hit!

The Margarita Machine Rental require very little oversight. Plug them in and mix water and the special margarita mix. You don’t even need to have any ice! The special mix does the work of turning the water into a slushy margarita drink. It does take about 45 minutes for the special mix to chill the water down and turn it into a slushy drink. You will be ready to rock as soon as the special mix has turned the water and flavor into a slush. Have it dry or add some of your own mix after the fact. What you decide to mix into your own drink is up to you.

We have both single and double bowl margarita machines available for our Margarita Machine Rental. The single bowl machine has one 3.7 gallon bowl. The double bowl has two 3.7 gallon bowls, independent of each other. This allows the double bowl margarita machine to either double up on making a single flavor or making two completely different flavors so someone will have something they like. We also have tons of flavors to choose from. Give us a call for a list of available flavor options.

We deliver our Margarita Machine Rental to anywhere in Monterey County, the greater San Jose area, the San Francisco Bay Area, and Northern California. So give us a call today to book the Margarita Machine rental.


Power Requirements: One dedicated power outlet. (Note: the special mix will not solidify if the temperature is higher than 80 degrees)

Single bowl machine – $99 and includes one mix
Double bowl machine – $195 and includes two mixes
Additional mixes – $15