LED Glow Pool Table Rental


Coming April 2024! The LED Glow Pool Table Rental from Over 21 Party Rentals! We are one of the first to offer this beautiful, LED glowing pool table, and we are confident it will be a hit at your next party or event. The LED lights on this pool table change colors, blink, fade and more, all contributing to a dynamic experience for your guests! You really have to see it! It’s more than amazing! Branding on the side of the pool table is an option. If interested in branding, we are happy to discuss options!

Good hand/eye coordination, concentration and focus are valuable traits for this game. However, those mesmerizing LED lights could challenge one’s concentration, making for an even more interesting game!

Watch as your guests show off their seasoned skills, a la Minnesota Fats, or try to fake their general lack of talent only to come from behind and win, a la Fast Eddie. If you’ve never seen the movie “The Hustler” with Paul Newman and Jackie Gleason, you definitely should! In fact, you could rent this incredible LED Pool Table for your next movie night and show the movie on your big screen! Enjoy as you and your guests attempt to duplicate the variety of amazing shots both Fast Eddie and Minnesota Fats accomplish in the movie! Naturally, those shots would be much more impressive on an LED lit Pool Table!

Some people play pool socially and others really get into it, honing their skills, even learning trick shots. And of course, there are the Hustlers, who might want to ‘up the ante’, if you know what I mean. Regardless the level of pool sharks you or your guests are, our LED Glow Pool Table Rental definitely adds a fresh, new dimension to the game of Pool. The glowing LED lights are not only on the bumpers and table surround, but in the actual bed, or playing surface, of the table! This table surface is made of a special type of felt that stands up beautifully to the typical rigors of the game of pool, but NOT to food or drink. So we ask that you and your guests please refrain from food and drink on the LED Pool Table.

Over 21 Party Rentals carries multitudes of LED Glow items as well as many other arcade/carnival games, inflatables and interactives. Check our website further and let us know if you have any questions. We welcome the opportunity to help make your event both FUN and a huge success!



Product Description

Ages: 12-Adult

Dimensions: 93′ long x 64″ wide

Minimum Space Required to Play: 16′ long by 13′ wide

Power: Regular 110volt/15 amp electrical outlet

Surface: Due to the unique fabrications of this Ultimate LED Pool Table, any spills on it will result in severe damage to the table, necessitating huge damage fees. (We really don’t want this to happen, so please…no food or drinks on the table!)

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