Large Suction Dart Carnival Game Rental


Are you looking for a unique carnival game? Check out our new Large Suction Dart Carnival Game Rental. Dart games are one of the top 10 most played midway games at carnivals. This new item not only brings the excitement to your event, but it brings safety!

Our Large Suction Dart Rental is played with a dart that has a suction cup at the tip instead of being sharp. This game has a backboard that is designed to look like inflated balloons with a plexiglass covering. Since the darts are not sharp, the goal of the game is to get the suction dart to stick to a balloon graphic. The bonus of this game is there are no real balloons, meaning no loud pop! As a result, this makes a fantastic game for indoor events such as conventions, office parties, and other events that you don’t want loud noise.

The Large Suction Dart Carnival Game Rental is 5ft long and does best on a 6ft table. The game comes with 8 suction darts for multiple chances to get the dart to land on the balloon.

Make this game even more fun by labeling each different colored balloon a different prize!


1 red balloon wins a small prize

2 black balloons wins a medium prize

3 yellow balloons wins a large prize

4 different colored balloons wins a extra large prize


Ages: Suitable for ages 4 to adult
Space requirements: (1)  6 foot table
Price: 149.00 for a 4 hr rental. Comes with 8 safe suction darts
Lost darts are 7.00 each
No electricity is needed for this Game