Glow Bowling Ball Game Rental

  • Glow Bowling Ball Game Rental

  • LED Glow Bowling Ball Game



This ain’t your Daddy’s bowling game! Introducing our spectacular Glow Bowling Ball Game Rental! The vibrant LED changing colors infuse instant excitement into this fun but challenging game. It’s a simple concept, really. One person at a time pushes the bowling ball down the LED lit lane, which has a slight hump in it. The goal is for your ball to have enough momentum to get over the hump, but not enough to return back over it after it contacts the backstop. If the ball stays in the lane, clears the hump and doesn’t come back to you, you’ve won!

You make your own rules as to how many tries each person gets; three or four will give them a chance to determine how hard to push the ball and still keep the game moving along. As people gather around to watch, the excitement builds. This is a really fun game that will appeal to many age groups. It’s a basic concept that everyone can understand and they won’t need bowling experience to play. Suitable as a team sport or individual.

The Glow Bowling Ball Game Rental comes with an 8′ table, black table covering, LED lane and a bowling ball. It needs a space 8 ft. long and 3 ft. wide. We have a large selection of LED games and decor that will combine seamlessly with this, making it easy to have a fabulous ‘Glow Party’ effect! Check ’em out by clicking this link!

As is typical with LED/Glow decor and games, they shine best in limited lighting: indoors with controlled or dim lighting or outdoors after dark.

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Space Requirements: 8 ft. long x 3 ft. wide

Electrical: 1 electrical outlet required OR battery pack which we can provide for $18.00

Comes with 1 8 ft. table, black table cover, LED lane and bowling ball

As with all of our LED/Glow Rentals, for maximum brilliance they should be set up  in an area with limited lighting. Indoors in controlled or dim lighting or outdoors after dark.