Giant Inflatable Joust Game


We are going above and beyond the classic joust game with our Giant Inflatable Joust Game. With the Giant Inflatable Joust Game, the two combatants climb up their own staircase one either side and then meet in the middle on an inflatable walkway. The walkway adds to the fun and challenge of combat within the joust inflatable as it shifts slightly under the feet of the competitors. The battle begins on the walkway, eight feet up in the air above the stunt bag zero shock mattress. Using the padded jousting poles provided, each participant will attempt to smack or push their opponent off the walkway into the zero shock mattress below. The last fighter standing on the walkway is the victor!

With the competitors way up in the air, our Giant Inflatable Joust Game is an amazing spectator sport as well. Everyone will be able to see the fight and cheer for their friends! It’s also a great opportunity for everyone to grab some pictures of their friends fighting up on the inflatable bridge. This giant joust game is perfect to host tournaments to see who is the best fighter. It’s great for a King of the Hill tournament where the winner stays until they are knocked off.

The Giant Inflatable Joust Game is great for all events and parties. We supply padded martial arts helmets and padded jousting sticks to ensure every participant’s safety. Take your next party or event beyond joust with our Giant Inflatable Joust Game! It’s the most amazing and intense joust game out there! Two fighters will enter but only one fighter will leave as the winner.

We deliver our Giant Inflatable Joust Game within Monterey County, the greater San Jose area, and the San Francisco Bay area. So give us a call and book the Giant Inflatable Joust Game now!


Space Requirements: 32 feet long by 30 feet wide and 18 feet high

Power Requirements: Requires four standard power outlets on separate circuits or generators

Price: $849.00 for a four hour rental