Giant Connect Four Game


Connect the pucks with our Giant Connect Four Game! Perfect for any party or event, our Connect Four is a humongous version of the classic game. The game stands over four feet tall!

Our Giant Connect Four Game plays exactly the same as its original size counterpart. This means it is super quick to learn and play. Each player takes turns placing a single puck in any of the columns in the game board. The first one to get four pucks of their color in a row horizontally, vertically, or diagonally wins. Once you finish a game, just release the bottom bar on the game and let all the pucks fall out. Collect the pucks and get your next game going. Because of how easy the game is to play, it’s great for any party. This giant game is also sure to draw in a crowd because of how big it is. Almost no one is going to have seen such a big connect four game before!

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Space Requirements: Four feet by four feet. A flat surface works best for the game

Price: $55