Extreme Mechanical Snowboard Simulator


Grab the board and head up to the fresh powder with our Extreme Mechanical Snowboard Simulator! Get the best in snowboard simulators year round. No snow required and no need to go out in the freezing cold.

The Extreme Mechanical Snowboard Simulator is a great item for both riders and spectators. The snowboard bucks and spins in all directions! The speed for the Extreme Mechanical Snowboard Simulator can also be set for each rider. We can go slow for beginners are push it up to double black diamond for the experts! Safety is also a big concern for us and the Extreme Mechanical Snowboard Simulator is ready. The inflatable arena will catch every rider when they fall off the board. Now you can experience all the fun and excitement of snowboarding without worry.

The Extreme Mechanical Snowboard Simulator comes with a controller with a built in LED timer. This makes it excellent great for tournaments and competitions. The controller automatically keeps track of each rider’s time as they ride. You can set up a competition to see who can stay on the longest! Show off your slalom skills on our snowboarding simulator!

The snowboard simulator is not just fun for riders! The spectators can have fun with it as well. The snowboard is an eye catcher and is sure to draw in a crowd. Everyone will want to watch and cheer on their friends to stay on just a little bit longer. That last little second could be the difference between making or breaking the current record time!

Combine the Extreme Mechanical Snowboard Simulator with some artificial snow and make the experience much cooler! It is sure to be an event your guests won’t forget!

We deliver the Extreme Mechanical Snowboard Simulator to anywhere in Monterey County, the greater San Jose area, the San Francisco Bay area, and Northern California. So give us a call today to reserve the Extreme Mechanical Snowboard Simulator and show off your boarding skills!


Space Requirements: 20ft x 20ft with a 10ft height minimum

Power Requirements: Two standard power outlets, separate circuits if possible

Price: Please give us a call for rates and availability