Cooling Mist Tent Rental


Our Cooling Mist Tent Rental will be a welcome presence at your next outdoor event as the temps start to rise. In California, heat waves can occur at the most inopportune times – spring, summer or fall. So, it’s best to plan ahead for such things to ensure the success of your event.

Misting or Cooling Tents are a refreshing respite from hot, humid or muggy days as one enjoys outdoor events. Most of us have experienced some form of ‘mist cooling’. From the produce department of your local market (typically this is an unwelcome form of cooling!) to overhead built in misters at outdoor dining establishments or shopping centers. Nothing offers such immediate relief from scorching heat without having to fully immerse one’s self in water! Below is a video of our inflatable version.

We have both a pop-up tent-style version and an inflatable version of the Cooling Mist Tent Rental. Both require a constant water source and the inflatable version requires a power supply (we can provide a generator if electricity is not handy).

Because people have varying tolerances for heat/humidity, consider adding a Cooling Mist Tent to your list of rentals for your next party or event. Your guests will truly appreciate your thoughtfulness!



Dimensions:  12′ Length x 12′ Width x 11′ Height

Water Requirements: Requires a constant water source

Electricity – Inflatable version only: Requires a power source or we can provide a generator