Classic Ring Toss Bottle Game Rental


The Classic Ring Toss Bottle Game Rental has always been a popular carnival game staple.

If you’ve never played the bottle ring toss game, here’s how it goes. 36 individual bottles are set up in a stand, just waiting for someone to throw a ring around their neck! Players’ skills are challenged as they toss a ring, hoping for a ‘ringer.’ If you’re genuinely a newbie to this game, a ringer is when the ring lands around the bottle neck. One ringer and you win!

You can see how the Classic Ring Toss Bottle Game can be both fun and competitive. And to make it more challenging for all players, we provide small and large rings. This easy to play game requires a standard 6-ft. table to sit upon. No electricity is required.

Our Classic Ring Toss Bottle Game Rental is one of many carnival themed games we have available at Over 21 Party Rentals. Adding this game to other games, novelties or inflatables you’ve selected for your party or event will attract players young and old, regardless of their skill level.

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Product Description:

Ages: Suitable for all ages

Space Requirements: Needs standard 6-ft. table (we rent these, too!)

Price: $69.00 for a 4-hr. rental. Includes 36 bottles w/stand and 10 rings

Call for more info or to add on another game! 1-888-650-4FUN (386)