Celebrity Magazine Cover Photo Booth


Looking for a way to elevate your event and create fun and excitement for your guests? The Celebrity Magazine Cover Photo Booth will WOW your guests! This isn’t your typical photo booth! This is a sleek, walk in booth fronted by a clear ‘magazine cover’. Featured stories are listed as well as the magazine name prominently displayed across the top.

The Celebrity Magazine Cover Photo Booth will indeed convey ‘celebrity status’ to your guests (temporarily, at least!). They just step in, pose and walk away with their own digital proof that they graced the cover of a magazine! Our Magazine Cover Photo Booth will entertain for hours providing numerous opportunities for sharing on social media and amongst event guests, friends, family and business associates. It’s an extremely popular attraction at weddings and other gala events for the glitz, glamour and prestige it brings.

Consider this unique magazine cover photo booth for corporate events, trade shows, fund raisers, holiday parties – you name it! It’s suitable for both casual and upscale events. The Celebrity Magazine Cover Photo Booth is a popular attraction that all guests enjoy!

Branding options are available to really personalize your special event by changing the magazine name, feature story headlines or adding your logo or event theme. Please call us to discuss branding options and pricing!


Dimensions:  Approximately 92″ tall x 42″  Deep x 80″ Wide

Electricity Requirements: 1 electrical outlet

Branding: Please call us for details!

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