Carnival Bounce A Ball Game


Looking for a fun, fast competitive game for your next event that appeals to all ages? The Carnival Bounce A Ball Game checks the boxes! Two players compete to see who can get the most points banking their shots off the bounce pad into various scoring slots, each worth a different score. Speed and accuracy are key to winning this fast-paced game. Even if a player misses their target, points still accumulate from the rails that direct loose balls into the lower point zone.

Some players attempt to win with accuracy and others with speed alone. Either way, the winner is the first player to get their LED light bar full!

Because the balls are smaller than a regular basketball, it’s a great game for kids and adults because the balls can be comfortably handled by small hands.

The Carnival Bounce A Ball Game pairs well with many of our other sports or carnival themed games. Scroll through our website by theme or item type (games, inflatables, etc.) and you’ll find many options. Need help choosing? Give us a call! We’re happy to help!


Space Required:  8 Ft. x 9 Ft.

Power Required: 1 20A/110V electrical outlet

Ages: 8 and up

Please call for pricing 1-888-650-4FUN (386)