Bop A Mole Game


The Bop A Mole Game is our version of the arcade favorite whac-a-mole with some updates. If you’re not familiar with this entertaining game, read on. Two players at a time can play and the game identifies them as ‘red’ or ‘blue’. There are 5 lighted domes per side so that each player only bops their own, recording a score for each successful hit. The game starts and the domes randomly flash, representing the moles.  Players have 45 seconds to bop as many moles as they can. When the game ends, it announces which player wins.

Traditionally, this game uses a rubber mallet to hit the mole. However, after rigorous testing, we found that using one’s hands is not only more effective, but a lot faster. The Bop A Mole Game is recommended for ages 6 and up. Some people get really competitive and intense when playing this game. That fuels the excitement of bystanders and spectators, adding to the fun.

The Bop A Mole Game rental can be branded with your company logo, team name, school name or event theme for an additional fee.  And, we can currently rebrand this game as Whac an Alien/Alien Invasion, for no additional fee. The ‘alien’ branding gives a whole different experience to the same game. Add on our Rocketman Mechanical Rocketship Ride Rental and you’ve got a fantastic base for an ‘out of this world’ event! Over 21 Party Rentals has an extensive variety of arcade games, inflatables, competitive games and more.

We look forward to helping make your event fun and memorable!


Dimensions: 48″ wide x 30″ deep x 58″ tall

Ages: 6 and up

Battery powered, no electricity required