Bazooka Ball Shooting Gallery


Take aim and shoot out the teeth on the cowboy’s with our Bazooka Ball Shooting Gallery. Our Bazooka Ball Shooting Gallery brings carnival shooting games to your next party or event. Sharpen and show off your shooting skills by knocking out all five teeth on your cowboy.

The Bazooka Ball Shooting Gallery uses real modified paintball marker guns powered by CO2 to fire soft foam golf balls down range to knock down the teeth. This keeps the Bazooka Ball Shooting Gallery extremely safe and fun for all participants.

We supply the shooting gallery with plenty of foam golf balls to keep everyone going for ages. The guns are reloaded simply by placing a foam golf ball in the plastic barrel attachment that each paintball marker is equipped with. This keeps the fast paced nature of the game moving.

Play by yourself to practice or create challenges for yourself, such as knocking down the teeth with only five shots. Team up and go head to head with another player. Try and knock the teeth down as quickly as you can or with as few shots as possible. It all depends on how you want to play it!

We deliver the Bazooka Ball Shooting Gallery to anywhere in the Monterey Bay area, the greater San Jose area, the San Francisco Bay Area, or Northern California. Give us a call now to book the Bazooka Ball Shooting Gallery for your next western themed party or event.


Space Requirements: 20 feet long by 11 feet wide and 10 feet high

Power Requirements: One standard power outlet

Price: call for pricing