Bay Area CA Searchlight Rental


Look! Up in the Sky! Follow that searchlight! Our Bay Area CA Searchlight Rental will definitely elevate your next event by spotlighting its exact location. We’ve all seen these waving beams of brilliant light directing attention to car dealerships, grand openings, festivals and other public events. Used primarily for promotional/advertising purposes today, these searchlights were originally used by the military to reflect the beams off of clouds, creating ‘artificial moonlight’, or to literally dazzle the enemy with their intense bright light.

This is a high quality, stainless steel and aluminum, USA made searchlight. It is the brightest, greenest, lowest carbon footprint in its class. Visibility is approximately 3-8 miles. It produces 1.3 billion candlepower with only 9.4 amps/120 volts. Measuring 38″ height x 2′ depth x 2′ width, it uses one standard electrical outlet, costing only about $1.00 per hour in electric charges. The Bay Area CA Searchlight Rental rotates 360 degrees and tilts, allowing for multiple angles and coverage.

This giant Hollywood style Searchlight is for outdoor use only and can be used in the rain. It must be elevated a minimum of 6′ off the ground for safety. (The bright light is blinding.) We include a stand for mounting but it can also be roof mounted for an additional charge. Feel free to call us to discuss options!

Whether it’s a glow party, Hollywood themed event, holiday party, wedding, graduation, or grand opening:  if you want to attract maximum attention and people to your event, this dazzling giant Searchlight does it!


Bay Area Searchlight Rental Product Detail:

Electricity: Requires 1 standard electrical outet

Product Dimensions: 38′ high x 2′ wide x 2′ deep

Rotation: 360 degrees. Unit also tilts

Outdoor use only – okay in rain

Brightness: produces 1.3 billion candlepower, visibility approximately 3-8 miles

Available for rental to San Francisco and Monterey Bay Areas, Silicon Valley. Call for more information.

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