Alpine Snow Machine Rental


Our high volume Alpine Snow Machine Rental will produce lots of artificial snow at your next holiday gathering or event. The fake snow will come our soaring in the air. Giving out the effect that it’s really cold and snowing outside.  Our snow machines have a variable setting from fine to heavy snow output.

You don’t even need to know how to make snow because we have it all ready for you to rent. The premixed snow solution can be bought by the gallon. We offer the Alpine Snow Machine Rental for you the customer to  pickup or we can deliver.

For the best effect for any snow machine it is highly recommended to try to get the machine or nozzle mounted as high as possible. We offer trussing for a quick and easy way to mount the machine and get the best effect.



Starting At: $249.00  when picked up

 Artificial snow fluid sold separately

1 dedicated electrical outlet is required