9-Hole Mini Golf Course


Everyone loves a fun game of mini golf! Now we can bring that same fun directly to your next event with our 9-Hole Mini Golf Course! So practice your putting and show off those mini golf skills!

Our 9-Hole Mini Golf Course offers tons of challenges for you and your guests to overcome. The mini golf course has bridges, hills, blocks, traps, and more to put your putting skills to the test. And just like any good mini golf course, we also offer the classic powered windmill challenge on one of the holes.

Each hole of our 9-Hole Mini Golf Course is quick and easy to set up anywhere. This makes our mini golf course perfect for any event! It is great as a team builder or ice breaker. You can tie the whole course together as a competition where teams or individuals compete for the best score. Or you can just have the mini golf course as a free play items that everyone can have fun with.

We supply our 9-Hole Mini Golf Course with everything you need to play. From colored golf balls to putters, we have your party covered! If you want to do a competition with the mini golf course, we can also supply score cards and pencils for everyone to use.

You can rent each hole individually or as a group for the whole course as desired. A few holes are great for a fun little game for everyone to play or go the whole course for a real challenge! It’s all in how you want to play!

The 9-Hole Mini Golf Course can be delivered anywhere in Monterey County, the greater San Jose area, the San Francisco Bay Area, or Northern California. So please give us a call today to book our mini golf course today!



Space Requirements: Each hole ranges in size, with the smallest being 26 inches wide by 70 inches long. A flat, open area is best for the whole course

Power Requirements: Some holes require power, no more than a single power outlet

Price: $69 per hole. Please give us a call to ask about our complete 9 hole course package