Spinning Mechanical Log Jump


Get ready to duck and dodge with our Spinning Mechanical Log Jump! This challenge is like nothing you have ever experienced before. You and up to three others will have to duck under or jump over the giant spinning log as is spins round and round.

The Spinning Mechanical Log Jump is fun for both riders and spectators. The log in the middle will spin around in the middle of four pads. A rider will stand on each pad and wait for the log. When it comes around, the rider will try and dodge the log. If you don’t dodge fast enough, you get knocked down into the inflatable. Any player knocked off their pad is out. The last person standing on a pad is the winner!

Or you could change it up and create new games. Use the Spinning Mechanical Log Jump in free play and allow players to get back on the pads when they fall. Or time the last player standing for how long before they fall. You can even set up a tournament for how long a team or individual can stay standing! It’s all in how you want to play it. The controller comes with a built-in LED timer to make timing each ride very easy.

Our Spinning Mechanical Log Jump is also great fun for the spectators. It’s sure to attract a lot of people to watch and cheer on the players. Don’t forget to take some pictures of the riders when they get knocked off. That’s when they have the best expressions!

We deliver the Spinning Mechanical Log Jump to anywhere in Monterey County, the greater San Jose area, the San Francisco Bay Area, and Northern California. So give us a call today to rent the Spinning Mechanical Log Jump for your next event!


Space Requirements: 22ft x 22ft with a 12ft height minimum

Power Requirements: Two standard power outlets, separate circuits if possible

Price: Please give us a call for prices and availability