Ride of Your Life


Meet Richard. He is the newest member of the shop and he is here to give you the Ride of Your Life. Richard can be a bit laid back, but not for Netflix and chill. Instead, he is always ready for some good action! Richard never gets tired and the Ride of Your Life never finishes too early when you want to keep going.

Richard and the Ride of Your Life comes with his own huge air mattress. It is just his way of always having protection when someone wants the Ride of Your Life. So even if the rideĀ gets a bit too rough and you can’t keep your grip on Richard’s huge handle, you will just land back on the bed. Then let the next person have a go or jump back on and give Richard another ride.

One of the best things about Richard is that he likes everyone. Anyone can get the Ride of Your Life from Richard. Man or woman, Richard will let you have the Ride of Your Life if you want to give it a shot. Richard loves to go to bachelor and bachelorette parties, as well as adult clubs, and private events. As long as there is someone there that really wants to hop on Richard, he will be happy to oblige. Richard’s number one goal is to make sure that you reach the climax of fun!

Richard and the Ride of Your Life will happily meet up anywhere in Monterey County, the greater San Jose area, the San Francisco Bay Area, or Northern California. We offer this special attraction in the Phoenix Arizona Area and all over the state of Arizona and the state of Nevada. Give Richard a call now to make an appointment for the Ride of Your Life! We can already tell that he is happy to see you. IF YOU’RE UP TO IT… WATCH THIS IN ACTION AND CLICK ON THE VIDEO

Are you 21 or older?
The following rental product contains adult explicit content.


Ages: Minimum rider height is 48 inches and maximum rider weight is 250 pounds.

Product Dimensions: Length 16 ft x Width 16 ft x Height 10ft

Price: Please call for rate and availability

Please email us if you would like a video and more pictures.