LED Uplighting Rental


Looking to spice up your next party or event with some high quality uplighting? Look no further than our LED Uplighting Rental! These brand new LED Uplighting Rentals are powerhouses of uplighting and will light up any party you want!

Our LED Uplighting Rental are packed with features that will make them perfect for any party or event. They are equipped with three independent LED light systems that provide lights in a variety of colors. In total, thirty-six separate colors can be produced by the Miniature Free-Standing Uplighting system. Any one of these colors can be selected and projected brightly by the LED Uplighting Rental.

The LED Uplighting Rental can also be set to fade in and out of the available colors, creating a more dynamic and ever-changing array of lights. The speed of the fade out is easy to change from a very slow melt to a very fast flash. It all depends on how you want the lights to act.

We can also set up the LED Uplighting Rental can be set to react to sound. Best when paired up with music with a strong beat, the Miniature Free-Standing Uplighting will switch between colors to the music’s beat, which connects the music and the lights. The sensitivity of the sensors is easily changeable as well to get it just right for your party.

Our uplighting can also be combined with 6′ or 8′ aluminium trussing. Placed inside of the trussing, which can be covered with a white cloth covering, the lights bounce around on the inside and create a pillar of colored lights to add extra color to your event!

We deliver our LED Uplighting Rental to anywhere in the Monterey Bay area, the greater San Jose area, the San Francisco Bay Area, or Northern California. So call us today to book the LED Uplighting Rental for your next glow party or event.


Power Requirements: One outlet per uplight

Price: Please give us a call for rates