Balloon Blast Carnival Game


The Balloon Blast Carnival Game will get your guests heart pumping in no time! This fast paced 2 player game is activated by hand pumping stations. The goal is to pop your balloon before your competitor pops theirs.

The balloon is attached to the inflation station and the players get ready to start pumping. After that, the competitors will race to see who can pump the fastest. As a result, the player that pumped faster will have a balloon that is growing which will lead to a BLAST.

If you are wanting a game that will attract a crowd at your event, look no further than this Carnival game.

The Balloon Blast Carnival Game can be played a few different ways.

  1. Head to head competition- two players race to see who can pop the balloon faster.
  2. Balloon Blast Treasure- Place a ticket or prize coupon in the balloon before placed on inflation station, first balloon to pop will win that prize.
  3. Team Building Race- Include this item in your next company field day. Our Carnival Game has been a popular addition to many relay races, team building activities and obstacle course challenges.

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